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Fuji CAC

Site Supervisor

  • Fuji CAC , Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam
  • 600 Competitive
  • Posted: 30 Jul 2018

Job Description

  • Scheduling the work assigned.
  • Conducting the survey, extract the amount of supplies for the base system, electricity: electrical system, air conditioning, ventilation, firefighting, electrical light ...
  • Scheduling of work: development, quality, schedule, quality, maintenance ...
  • Construction supervision of electrical systems: Electrical, HVAC, lighting, elevators, air-conditioning, CCTV, telephone, network, fire prevention and firefighting, BMS, Access Control, Public Address, water supply, water work ...).
  • Lap records and acceptance systems installed.
  • Supports up tenders, payment and settlement documents.
  • Construction drawings, construction completion drawings
  • Working with investors, Supervision consultant, Design consultant, principal contractors, subcontractors and other units on site
  • Reporting to direct manager.

Job Requirements

  • Gender: Male
  • Work at the site.
  • Accept business trip when requested.
  • Qualifications: Bachelor: Major Industrial Electrical, Mechanical Power, electrification.
  • Certificates: Certificates practicing construction supervision, project management
  • Auto CAD drawings know: can draw construction drawings, construction completion drawings
  • Knowledgeable construction systems: electrical, HVAC, Fire, piping, elevators, BMS, ELV systems (data, fire alarm, CCTV, access control, telephone ...)
  • Understanding Vietnam standards, IEC, IEEE, NFPA, NEC, BS is an advantage.
  • English communication
  • Accept the mission and overtime as required work

Additional Information

2018-07-30 USD

About Fuji CAC

Fuji CAC is known as the leading Industrial Solution Provider in Electrical, Automation & Control market, and now acting as Main MEP Contractor (complete scope of Electrical, Control, HVAC, and Piping & Firefighting) in Vietnam and Asian Countries.

Founded in 1995, Fuji CAC has been keeping the stable development and becoming a trusted solutions and services provider for many well-known International & local companies in Food & Beverage, Chemical, Oil & Gas & Power, Cement & Construction Materials, Water & Waste Water Treatment... such as CocaCola, Nestle, Carlsberg, Bunge Soya, UniLever, P&G, ICI Dulux, Akzo Nobel, Synthomer, Bayer Chemical, Petro Vietnam, PTSC, VietsovPetro, Holcim, Chinfon, Luksvaxi, Ha Tien I & II Cement,...

Fuji CAC also has experiences in implementing projects & services oversea in Africa and Asian countries.

Site Supervisor

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